Danish PartyBands has not trained since 2008, but now faces the band back to the Danish roads with December concerts in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Esbjerg and Randers.

PartyBands behind hits like "Western Blood," "House in The Country," "Weather With Heather", "5 Minutes Past Loneliness" and "Snowman", and the band says that the concerts are focused on their large back catalog.

BandetsThe line-up will be the singer Allan, Michael on drums, Stefan on guitar, Jamie on bass & Pallet on keys and Hammond organ. The latter two are newcomers lately Party Bands was on tour, while bassist Ole return has gone out.

PartyBands were formed back in 1985, disbanded in 1995, and in 2003 the PartyBands restored. Since then they have released a collection plate with the eighties and nineties hits and two new acclaimed album.

In 2009 could be read at the venue pump casing website that PartyBands paused indefinitely because of "disagreements within the band at the moment." They canceled all their concerts in 2009, but now they are back.

We have had a talk with Allan about the upcoming tour with PartyBands:

What's happened PartyBands last album in 2008 and until today?

- There is not really happened so terribly much. PartyBands played a tour with the last album, and so we agreed to stop then for a while. We have met from time to time over a beer or a Christmas party, and so we reached that we wanted to get out and play again now. We have now missed to take out and play with PartyBands.

It tingled a little in your fingers again to get the PartyBands?

- Yes altogether. PartyBands does look each other regularly, and in 2008 we were pretty tired of playing. There we had no need either to see each other or to go out and play.

But when going for as long as they desire it again. Ole who plays bass, he will not bother. I think he's struggling with something tinnitus, and I think just not that he had much interest in it. I sure as hell not actually talked to him about exactly why - he has allowed to opt out. He must be free to come up with again another time. I understand too well, but others would certainly good.

Who is Oles compensation PartyBands?

- It's Jens on bass, he has played with PartyBands, and some other different PartyBands. He knows Stefan through a music school.