Richard Ragnvald

>Concerto for hard of hearing - Richard Ragnvald< 

Hearing Centres joined this afternoon knowledge about hearing aids and hearing loss with a concert by Richard Ragnvald . Something that fit the many guests.
Richard Ragnvald entertained for 40 minutes before he went on to Ringkøbing to today's second show .

" Yes , I've just been told in my earpiece that Richard Ragnvald having problems with my voice, so it gets me to entertain. Are you ready? Real friends can not be bought with money . No, here he comes , Richard Ragnvald . "

The mood was high when hearing centers are invited to the concert and informative event. 180 people showed up , and I was the organizer
" We could easily have shared more tickets , but there was simply no more room ," says the director , in his debut as a singing star .

Hearing is a taboo
For many, hearing loss and hearing aids taboo . About 15 percent of Denmark's population has hearing problems , but it is only 5 percent who do something about it.
"We're in an event like this to demystify and explain that it is normal ," says the director ,

It is the third arrangement that hearing centers hold , and all have been a great success. The Director has a simple explanation as to why it has been a great success .
"We give people a good experience with good music while they get a lot of new knowledge. Of course there are some who just come for the music , but I believe that many still take knowledge from here , "he says.
Richard Ragnvald passed

Today's main attraction , however Dansktop king , Richard Ragnvald . It recognizes two of today's guests , Lisbeth Nissen , 64, and Eva Andersen , 71, also .

" I do not even hearing aids , but I want to know something about what options there are , where applicable ," says Eva Andersen and Lisbeth Nissen adds:

" And then Richard Ragnvald well . And it's always good . "

For Richard Ragnvald it means a lot to play for many attendees .
" It's great to be home . It is my audience . Now they just have a good experience and it 's my responsibility , "he said shortly before the concert starts.
The experienced artist has spent considerable time planning the event.
"The songs must be in the correct order . And so I conclude , of course, with " Dear little grandmother ," says Richard Ragnvald .