>Churchsinger: Kirsten Siggaard< 

There was light in everyone's eyes as accompanist Jens Munkholm last night set the tone in the Church and Kirsten Siggaard came up through the church room aisle singing Boychild .

A Beautiful, for ever young Kirsten Siggaard and she has not forgotten where she started her singing , namely in a church choir - presumably in Goerlev Zealand and later in Slagelse church. Since that time she has tried both grand prix , cabaret and theater, etc. The hardest part has probably been playing the role of Edith Piaf, the voice should first school to hit the special sound that was required here .

Kirsten Siggaard sang a beautiful variety of Christmas songs both in English and in Danish where the concert guests were allowed to sing . She moved through Disneyland and round with several other English-language singers, a few songs from the role of Edith Piaf and of course a beautiful collection of Danish Christmas songs and carols that we love so much .

There is something special about Kirsten Siggaard performance. She does not just stand on its lofty plateau and singing down to the audience. She is part of the time down and sing with and with the audience , because this is where she seems to belong to , and she would most like to sing along with - not just sing to his audience.

With a loving Christmas greeting from a warm-hearted person like Kirsten Siggaard with beautiful voice could be after the concert go home with a happy feeling that now it is soon in Christmas